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This is also a place to submit any corrections that need to be made anywhere on the website, 
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You may also offer any feedback or suggestions here.  

In order for this family website to be a success, we need the cooperation of everyone.  
Please submit any ideas that you may have.  
What about trips by plane, trains or cruises?  Anyone interested?  
What about those of us in the D/FW Metroplex getting together 3-4 times yearly for card games, dominoes, movies, 
sports activities, Six Flags, musical concerts, plays, chartering a bus to go to Casinos???  
I look forward to hearing back from everyone.  
Click the following links for 
Cass County and Linden, TX Trivia: 

  • Cass County Genealogical Society has published an 8-volume set of cemetery books, which includes many of our deceased Epps relatives noted in volumes 2 and 7. 
  • Click HERE for more on Texas Cities, Counties, recent obituaries, location of people in cemeteries, marriage records
  • Click HERE for Statewide Civil Vital Records in the USA
Other Trivia:
  • Ancestry.com has a system that sends your DNA off to determine genetic ancestry matches. 
  • Click here for a very brief educational video about DNA: Your 1,048,576 Ancestors
  • Famous Cass County Citizens:  Scott Joplin (1867-1917) (Piano player; composer -King of Ragtime Music);   T. Bone Walker (1910-1975) ((blues guitarist singer) Bessie Coleman (1892-1926) born in Atlanta, TX.  First African-American pilot        
 Epps Family Notices

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The Oliver and Jane Epps family tree is a huge network.  There are literally thousands of us throughout the USA spanning several generations from coast to coast.  The purpose of establishing this family tree website is to be able to connect and communicate with as many relatives as possible, as well as to foster an appreciation for our heritage. Therefore, we really need the cooperation of everyone.  

Email addresses may include your parents, your children and grandchildren, your siblings, your nieces and nephews, your great nieces and nephews, your aunts and uncles, your cousins, and friends of the Epps family.  The more email addresses we have, the less the cost will need to be paid in postage for future Epps reunions as well as other Epps communications.  Please review the list of names below.  These are all the ones whose email I have.  I am asking everyone who is reading this to send me at least one email address of someone who is not on the list below.  Or at least send their cell phone number so they can receive a cell text: 
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You may submit info in the submission box  below. Events may include births, deaths, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, graduations, parties, church activities, etc. It is also for anyone owning a business or service, or anyone with special skills or talents.  You may wish to post a business card online or a link to your website.  The business, service, talent or skill may not be your own, but you may want to show support for someone else.  There may be some who wish to barter services with others.  Click 
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If there are any events or notifications that anyone would like to share, I will be happy to post them on this website and/or notify everyone by Email. Events may include births, deaths, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, graduations, parties, church activities, etc. I would also like to include a webpage for free advertisements for anyone owning a business or service, or anyone with special skills or talents.  You may wish to post a business card online or a link to your website.  The business, service, talent or skill may not be your own, but you may want to show support for someone else.  There may be some who wish to barter services with others.  Please click here to Email the info to me so I can begin posting. The ads will go on this page.   This is a free service that I am providing.   

Need Epps Pictures:
I would like to post individual photos of all of the children of Oliver Epps, Sr.  There is a group picture of them all HERE. 

Specifically, I need 1 picture of: Leeman Epps,  James "Jimmy" Epps, Amy Epps, Hattie Epps, and Mamie Epps.  I also need a picture of Isabella Epps,  who is  the mother of Oliver Epps, Sr.  I can restore the photos no matter how old, ragged or torn they may be.  Even though you may not have any of these pictures, please assist me in contacting someone who might be able to find oneI would also like to post photos of the children and grandchildren of Oliver Epps, Sr.--not the great grandchildren-- such as I have done on this page, for the children of Silas Epps. You may click here to email pix to aundreajasmine@yahoo.com

Oliver Epps: 10/1860 - 2/27/1920     Jane Flowers Epps:  12/1861    5/17/1930 
The ancestral patriarch and matriarch of this family.
We are their descendants and without them, none of us would be here.  
Let’s honor their legacy 
in the spirit of love and respect that they so richly deserve. 
Click HERE to read their history..

1.Aisha Epps
2.Alan Coleman
3.Alvert Epps
4.Anastacia Ingram
5.Andreanna Taylor
6.Annette Epps
7.Anthony Jones
8.April Hall Booker
9.Aysialali Beal
10.Bennie J Walthall
11.Betty Brigman
12.Bev Christopher
13.Brenda Epps
14.Brenda Joyce Hodge
15.Brian Smith
16.Carla Smith
17.Carolyn Garrett
18.Charley Ray Epps
19.Chermetrice Latoya Epps-Muhammad
20.Cheryl Collins
21.Claude Epps
22.Claudia Epps
23.Crystal Epps
24.Cyrille Doutherd
25.Daman Armand Washington
26.Daphne Brown
27.Darelene Warren Rothwell
28.Deb Newsome
29.Dessie Epps Mills
30.Donetta Taylor
31.Doris Walker
32.Felisa Mcmillian
33.Floyd Epps
34.G. Df. Thompson
35.George A Epps
36.Gloria Hill
37.Gregory Adams
38.Iran D'shun Claiborne
39.Jacket Barbare
40.Jackie Pierson
41.James Evans
42.James Oliver Perry
43.Jana Kimble
44.Jarvis Young
45.Johnnie Pierson
46.Johnny Warren
47.Karimah Mouton
48.Kenneth C Jones
49.Kevin Epps
50.Kirk Epps
51.L Brown 
52.Lekena Alexander Simmons 
53.Lekitta Epps 
54.Leon Martin 
55.Linda Edwards 
56.Loretta Epps 
57.Loretta Epps Jackson 
58.Lucy Dorsey 
59.Lydia Epps 
60.Lynwood Mitchell 
61.Martha Sue Herod
62.Mary Sue Dorsey 
63.Michael Barbare 
64.Michell Barbare 
65.Milton Washington
66.Monica Adams-Buckholt 
67.Monikka Dean 
68.Nelson Mitchell 
69.Oscar Epps 
70.Pamela Epps 
71.Pearl Epps 
72.Phillis Washington 
73.Portia Hodge 
74.Prescilla Jackson 
75.Rickey Epps 
76.Rickey Harrison 
77.Ricki Wooten 
78.Ricky And Johnnie Epps 
79.Robert And Dorothy Epps 
80.Sammy Allen 
81.Sammy Epps 
82.Shandolyn Woolridge 
83.Sharla Wooten 
84.Shelly Mitchell 
85.Sheryl Meline
86.Shirley Walker 
87.Shunda Pierson-Ford 
88.Sonya Wooten 
89.Stephanie Abraham 
90.Steve Holland 
91.Tasceaie "Cici" Epps 
92.Teresa Marie Cook 
93.Terressa Ferrell 
94.Theresa Epps Frohm 
95.Tiffany Epps-Felder 
96.Tonya Epps Adger 
97.Traci Epps Sanders 
98.Tyrone Dorsey 
99.Tyrone Smith Jr. 
100.Vada Gardner 
101.Vada Perry 
102.Valerie Sheehy 
103.Verita Epps 
104.Vickie Pierson 
105.Waunda Nelson 
106.Yvonne Epps Newsome
For those without an Email address or those unable to receive cell text messages, please send a postal address.  In an effort to protect your Email address privacy, all Email communications from me will be sent to everyone BLIND COPY which will be addressed to UNDISCLOSED RECIPIENTS. 
Epps Day in Linden, TX is held annually 
every fourth Sunday in October 
at Salem Baptist Church.  
The next one is scheduled for October 24, 2010.  
There is usually a large attendance.  
All Epps Family members and friends are invited.

Salem Baptist Church
281 County Road 1754
Linden, TX 75563
(903) 756-3362
Click here for a map to the church.

Local lodging accommodations are as follows:

Best Western Pineywoods Inn (Newest)      
306 Loop 59 N
                            Atlanta, TX  75551                            

Butler's Inn (American Owned)
US 59 At 77 Jct
Atlanta, TX 75551

Derrick Motel
Hwy 59 N 
Atlanta, TX 75551

Express Inn
301 US Hwy 59 
Queen  City, TX 75572

Royalty Inn Motel
1411 Hwy 59 S
Linden, TX 75563

Travel Inn 
801 Loop 59 N  
Atlanta, TX 75551

301 Hwy 59
Atlanta, TX 75551
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About Oliver and Jane Epps:
Oliver and Jane Epps Family Tree, including a group photo of their 13 Children in front of their home 
Oliver and Jane Epps…enlarged photos
Oliver and Jane Epps…individual photos of their 13 Children 
Oliver and Jane Epps…their history
Oliver and Jane Epps…death certificates
Cora Lee Epps, the sister of Oliver Epps  

The 13 Children of Oliver and Jane Epps…listed in order of birth:
1.Charles "Charlie"   l    2. Leeman    l    3. Silas    l    4. John Epps    l    5. James "Jimmy"    l    6.Ethel    l     7.Amy     l    8.  Alberta “Byrd”     l    9. Hattie        10. Mamie    l    11.  Freeman    l    12. Oliver, Jr. "Man"    l    13. Willie 

About Silas Epps, Sr.
Silas Epps Family Tree
Silas Epps and his 2 wives: Dealia and Lena Hurst Epps… enlarged photos
Silas Epps Children...individual photos
Silas Epps Grandchildren--  First Generation...individual photos
Lena Hurst Epps, the second wife of Silas Epps…includes links to the Hurst family

The 14 Children of Silas Epps...listed in order of birth: 
1.Felton    l    2. Luevera    l    3. Monis    l    4. Whitfield    l    5. Olen    l    6. Lutena    l    7. Harry “H” Ward    l    8.  Edward “Bay”     l    9. Howard       
10. Maggie Bell    l    11. Claudell    l    12. Lena    l    13. Luevenia    l    14. Silas Epps, Jr. "S.E."

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