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event, in which all members are strongly encouraged to attend. In addition to our monthly "Main Menu" events, we provide a full social calendar of "a la carte" events and activities going on around the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.  Of course, every activity or event is not for every member. Some activities are more soulful, mellow and easy-breezy. Others are more physical, adventuresome and daring. But either way, there is something for everyone, and our members are always encouraged to bring or invite guests to all of our events, as long as they are at least age 40. Primarily, we offer a lot of great group activities that encourage us to meet, mingle, socialize and have fun together. The main purpose of our membership social club is to form a cohesive group of comrades to “hang out” with, while taking a breather away from the stressors, frustrations and disappointments of life. We also encourage our members to especially keep in mind their friends who are newly divorced and who desire to start meeting new people and getting out more; and the same applies for couples who are newly married and want to get out and have more of a social life. For members of the TAKE FIVE Social Club, there is a lot more to be gained than just having a good time and forming meaningful friendships. You can also use our social networking to promote your business, skills and talents, or even to barter with other members. For example, a landscaper may swap services with a hair stylist. The possibilities are endless.  It just simply feels good to be a part of positive-minded fun people and recognized in a way where they are happy to see you coming. 

for the “Over-40” crowd to meet people in their age group. The TAKE FIVE Social Club was created to solve every one of  he “Over-40” crowd to meet people in their age group. The TAKE FIVE Social Club was created to solve every one of  those problems those problems, and then some. We believe that life is meant to be enjoyed at every age, and our staff members work extra hard to maintain quality. Click HERE  to see our Monthly Main Events that are already scheduled, beginning with our 2013 GRAND OPENING CHRISTMAS PARTY, which will be held on December 20, 2013 from 7pm til midnight at the Quixotic Club in Downtown Dallas. The party is open to both members and non-members. So go ahead and click HERE to prepay for the party because the deadline date is December 16, 2013. Believe me, we know how to throw a fun party and make sure everyone is well entertained with great live music, dancing, delicious food, drinks and more. For any wallflowers, you may want to click HERE to check out some in-person or online dance lessons so you can be ready to “move and groove”. 

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any don’t realize that Dallas-Ft Worth is the fastest growing Metroplex in the whole USA. It consists of 12 counties with a current population close to 7 million people, and of these 7 million people, a large part of them are the “Over-40” baby boomers who are more lonesome and isolated than ever; and their social life is often limited to their work, family or immediate neighborhood. Part of the reason is because we live in such a youth-oriented society, which makes it difficult 
AKE FIVE is a private Social Club but private does not mean that we are "snobby" nor "cliquish".  We gladly welcome new members. We really want to make TAKE FIVE something fantastic for adults who are age 40 and over. You would never  again have to be concerned about where to go to have some fun, or who to go with, or who is going to be there. We can always have fun getting to know each other and having a great time together. Since music is a strong component of our 
AKE FIVE is a Social Club for the "Over-40" adult crowd, whether single or married, who still wants to enjoy life and have a great time. There are a lot of parties going on. Our activities and events include music concerts, nightclubs, dancing, casinos, sports events, holiday festivities, stage plays, comedy clubs, dinner theaters and cultural events. We sponsor annual balls for Valentine’s Day, Christmas and a costume ball for Halloween. We offer at least one monthly "Main Menu" 
AKE FIVE never has any meetings to attend, only good times!!!  The annual dues is only $50 but we are currently offering memberships FREE for six months to anyone who joins the club by January 15, 2013. So why put it off? Click HERE to JOIN NOW! But don’t just stop there, go ahead and take an extra couple of minutes to click HERE to RSVP for the party because the RSVP deadline date is December 16, 2013 also. ​One more thing, before you exit this 
club, we are especially happy to support local musicians and others in the music industry, as well as local social events thru our Facebook page and our Members-Only Social Events Calendar and hope that they will support us.